Technology Uses AI to Improve Commercial Recycling


Tinton Falls, NJ. (May 21, 2018) RiverRoad Waste Solutions CEO Kristen Bunnell, recently announced that her company has made a financial investment in CleanRobotics, the makers of the TrashBot™. The Trashbot is a revolutionary technology that uses advanced robotics and AI to efficiently sort commercial waste, improving recycling rates for its users and removing confusion at the bin.

“We invested in Clean Robotics because they are well positioned to transform the waste and recycling industry, which is exactly what we aim to do for our clients,” Dan McGowan, RiverRoad COO said. “In addition to reducing the inevitable contamination that comes from improper waste management practices, the TrashBot can provide comprehensive data on each bin, enabling our clients to make smarter waste and recycling program decisions.”

The TrashBot uses cameras and sensors to scan items as they enter a waste bin. Artificial intelligence is then employed to sort the items into their respective waste or recycling class. Clean Robotics boasts an astonishing 86% sorting accuracy rate, which is projected to further increase as the technology learns and continues to be refined. The solution is enhanced with a SaaS dashboard, which provides complete transparency into a facility’s waste stream.

“With the recycling rate in the United States hovering around 35%, there is clearly room for improvement,” McGowan said. “At RiverRoad, we are committed to thinking beyond the bins. Partnering with innovators like Clean Robotics helps us deliver on that promise.”

TrashBot also helps its users avoid fines and fees due to the potential contamination that can occur with traditional, unmonitored waste bins. With an ever-evolving regulatory environment, these expenses may now be avoided with this advanced technology.

“RiverRoad’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement makes them an ideal partner as we look to implement our unique solution across their nationwide client base,” Charles Yhap, Clean Robotics CEO, said. “We are confident that TrashBot will be a true game-changer in the industry.”

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