Image of a yellow portable dumpster holding bricks.

At this year’s Kirkland’s Vendor Summit, the conversations with our valued partner were focused on their recent new store build outs. Contrary to all the news on the retail sector apocalypse, Kirkland’s is experiencing tremendous growth. Over 40 new store locations opened in 2017 they are projecting similar growth for 2018 as their nationwide footprint continues to expand.

While selecting an efficient general contractor is critical to a build out success, having a waste and recycling management provider who works hand-in-hand with you is of equal importance. Timelines for build outs can be particularly tight and even the slightest amount of slippage can jeopardize a successful new store opening.

Proactive Waste Management

 A dedicated RiverRoad Project Specialist was assigned to the account and collaborated regularly with the Kirkland’s Project Managers to prepare for each store opening. Our Project Specialist served as Kirkland’s advocate ensuring that all project details were executed flawlessly and that all project-related waste services were provided in a timely manner.

Conducting pre and post-confirm check-ins with Kirkland’s Project Manager and our hauler partners were also a key component of the project. Additionally, having 24/7 access to our client portal, myRoad™ enabled Kirkland’s to easily track the status of all of their services during and after project completion.

With a thorough understanding of the build out process, the RiverRoad team was proactive with the removal of waste from each job site. Whether it was construction materials in the early stages of the project or the multitudes of cardboard boxes as store inventory was unpacked, RiverRoad was in continual communication with contractors and the Kirkland team to ensure a clean and safe working area.

Continuous Communication Leads to Success

 The RiverRoad team received multiple accolades for their expertise, communication, and collaboration with Kirkland’s personnel for their build out project. Because of our personalized and professional approach to the project, Kirkland’s new store build outs were seamlessly executed, saving them time and money as the typical build out delays were easily avoided.

When looking for a waste and recycling management provider for retail build outs, look for one who has expertise in your industry, has dedicated resources assigned to your project, and excels at open and continual communications with your functional teams as well as your contractors. These traits will ensure a seamless project and customer delight at your store’s grand opening.

Dan McGowan

Chief Operating Officer