Regulatory & Compliance

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RiverRoad’s comprehensive TrackVia database contains over 5,000 regulations in the United States and Canada, identified at the city, municipality, and state levels. Every location’s specific regulatory requirements are managed at the site level and can be viewed as well as reported on in myRoad.

Regulations are categorized by type such as waste, recycling, composting, liquid waste, universal waste and regulated or hazardous waste. Additionally, regulation types including decals, permits, medallions, recycling reports, stickers, and licenses are managed regularly.

Compliance Associates are assigned to each vertical to proactively manage each client’s regulatory needs and provide education to corporate and site managers. Annual diversion and waste generation reports are submitted to local and state regulators.

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Rigor with Regulations

With a team of compliance experts, RiverRoad does more than manage the regulatory environment. We stay ahead of it. Thousands of regulations are tracked in myRoad™ 3.0 and regularly evaluated against every client’s entire waste and recycling program. Ongoing communications keep our clients ahead of the regulatory curve helping them to avoid fines and fees, saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars.